Welcome to ID Super

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  • Welcome to ID Super

    The first ever superannuation fund designed with property investors in mind. Investors Direct has developed a market leading super product in collaboration with some of our partners and it is now available to our clients. ID Super – the superfund for property investors. What is ID Super? ID Super is unique in that is has been designed to allow property […]

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  • Do you watch the news?

    Lately it seems to be filled with horror stories with each one vying with the next to be more dreadful. I think if an alien watched the news to get an understanding of human beings you could forgive them for thinking we are at war with each other. It’s crazy. Life isn’t like that though. I look out the window […]

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  • Becoming financially free in 2017

    In December, the Cash Rate remained unchanged by the RBA. Most experts predicted the interest rate to stay the same and so it has proved to be. If we look to the US, we can see that rates are beginning to slightly adjust upward. So what is in store when the RBA meets on the 7th of February 2017 – how […]

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  • What’s all this affordability nonsense?

    There is a lot of talk going on about housing affordability lately. Some of it hysterical, some of it measured, some of it not so much. The hysterical group seem set on a path of negativity where the world as we know it is about to collapse with property set to fall 50% overnight. These people are in the same […]

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  • Recharge, Reflect and Get Ready

    Well, another year has flown by!! In amongst the children’s school drop offs for some, year 12 and university exams for others, for us, we have contributed to our workplace many, many hours and hopefully found some relaxation time in amongst all this activity. The question I would like you to ask yourself leading into what for many of us […]

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  • Renting your Investment Property

    It’s amazing how easy it is to get used to things. I was discussing with a colleague the availability of properties and I just casually mentioned that houses were always the first to rent. Judging from his surprised expression I realised that what we in Property Management see every day is not what others might expect. Renting Houses is easier […]

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  • Construction Loans – what exactly are they?

    So you have decided to invest in a house and land solution or lay buy you next investment. It’s an exciting time that’s for sure. From selecting a suitable plan, choosing a builder, going through a myriad of details before signing on the dotted line, there is so much to do. (Of course you could just let our Property Advisors […]

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  • House and Land vs OTP

    Did you layby a property this year? How many property investors put a property on layby this year? If you are confused let me explain. “The definition of a layby is a system of paying a deposit to secure an article for later purchase. In effect you make a purchase and only take delivery later.” When you buy a house […]

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