Do you watch the news?

Lately it seems to be filled with horror stories with each one vying with the next to be more dreadful.

I think if an alien watched the news to get an understanding of human beings you could forgive them for thinking we are at war with each other. It’s crazy.

Life isn’t like that though. I look out the window of my office and I see a beautiful city, bathed in sunshine and swarming with energetic happy people going about their days activities. I see the smiles on their faces and it’s a satisfying feeling to come to work every day.

Like me, you care about other people. We may not think about it consciously every minute of the day but we all care about people. For example, if you were walking down the street and someone fell over right in front of you how would you respond? I bet you would stop and ask if they were alright. Most people would. That’s what caring is and it’s an automatic response to someone in need.

My life in Property Management is built around caring. I care about the Landlord and I care about the Tenant. Each of them has different needs and I want to make sure they are both satisfied with the experience they get from my staff and me. That level of care is what sets our business apart from other Property Management businesses.

That’s why we were open over the Christmas and New Year holidays while most other firms closed down. I wondered what their tenants would do if they had an emergency and their contact was on holidays. It’s a scary thought isn’t it?

We stayed open because we care about the people who put their trust in us. They trust us as a business and they trust us as individuals. Tenants and Landlords alike.

Even though we are looking after each of them for different reasons the common thread that links us all is caring.

Our Landlords trust us to look after their valuable assets. In fact, at the current moment, we have almost $500M worth of property under our care. That’s half a Billion dollars! How wonderful it feels to have so many landlords seek us out and give us their properties to look after. It isn’t just a property to them of course because having investment properties is a doorway to creating a comfortable future. In a way, we look after their future.

Our tenants trust us to makes renting a stress free proposition by delivering the type of property that suits them. They trust us enough to tell us about any issues they have.  We must be doing something right because our vacancy levels are amongst the lowest in the country.

You know, some businesses say they have a Duty of Care to their clients but I don’t see care as a duty. For me and my staff it’s a passion.

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