The IDFP Code for WEALTHY living

Here’s a question that is worth asking – “If all the available wealth in the world were to go to those who were most deserving of it, would that be where it would end up going?”

It’s possible isn’t it? The reason for this belief lies in the below formula, which is the main driver of good tidings in most areas of our lives.


Now let me break this down and define what it means:

  • ‘Wealth’ in this context means an abundance of something desirable;
  • ‘Contribution’ means something done that creates even more survival; and
  • ‘Consumption’ means something taken away from the fruits of that contribution.

Now, any formula asserted by anyone as being ‘workable’ needs proving up with some analysis. So let’s look at some important areas where this formula can be applied to see if what I’m saying is actually true:

  1. Our body – Probably the easiest way to test this formula is to look at food and the effect it has on our body. If we eat (CONTRIBUTION) more food than we burn (CONSUMPTION), we have WEALTH in our body pretty fast ☺. The opposite is also true for our body, in that if we eat (CONTRIBUTION ) less than our body needs to survive (CONSUMPTION) we would not have WEALTH as a body. Actually we would be so short of fuel we could become very tired and even faint (I know this from running a marathon without enough food – it was horrendous ☺).
  2. Our Time – Now time is a great one to test, especially if you have kids. I note that when I organise my time, that is contribute some time to controlling my time (CONTRIBUTION), I have less time available to be taken up by other things which waste my time (CONSUMPTION) and can have a WEALTH of time available for what I want to get done as planned. The opposite is also true, in that if I do not organise my time (lack of CONTRIBUTION) trivial things tend to grab my time (CONSUMPTION) and I end up with a shortage of time (lack of WEALTH).
  3. Our relationships – Think of someone like a work colleague or a family member that you don’t really think very highly of. These people likely take up your time on trivial matters or complain a lot to you (CONSUMPTION) and they do very little to make things work out well for you (CONTRIBUTION), meaning there is very little WEALTH in your relationship. Now on the opposite side of that coin, think about someone who you really like. These people make a positive CONTRIBUTION to just about everything with you, whereas they do little to reduce your relationship (CONSUMPTION), because there is a surplus of CONTRIBUTION, these people maintain good relationships with you and probably many others.
  4. Our money – The same is true with our money. Contributing (CONTRIBUTION) more to investments than we consume on living (CONSUMPTION) of course leads to WEALTH.

Now imagine you put in the time (CONTRIBUTION) to learn about your money, paid for advice and created a plan (CONTRIBUTION), ran a formal money management system (CONTRIBUTION), met with professionals about how to make assets work harder regularly (CONTRIBUTION), reviewed assets regularly ensuring progression on the plan (CONTRIBUTION), worked harder and added more value than the guys around you (CONTRIBUTION), wouldn’t it make sense that the chance of WEALTH for you would only be greater?

Until next month, think about how more CONTRIBUTION, less CONSUMPTION, could be applied to your life, to lead you to greater WEALTH. Happy investing.


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