Recharge, Reflect and Get Ready

Well, another year has flown by!!

In amongst the children’s school drop offs for some, year 12 and university exams for others, for us, we have contributed to our workplace many, many hours and hopefully found some relaxation time in amongst all this activity.

The question I would like you to ask yourself leading into what for many of us is the quieter part of the year work wise, did I achieve what I set out to do in the month of January 2016 for the year ahead?

So, did you?

If you have, well done and I hope you repeat your success in 2017 and beyond.

For those of us that feel like another year has gone by and things seem to just roll on towards another, may I say that setting goals and having a plan is the MOST powerful way to achieve, but having someone you can trust to keep you to account with these goals is by far the bravest action.

So if it was that easy, why do less than 20% of us do this important task consistently every year? Would you believe me if I told you that according to a recent study, the businesses that prepared a business plan and reviewed it quarterly were on average 246% more profitable that the ones that did not!?

When setting goals, to get started you must have a destination. Start with these four steps:

  1. They must be clear – Having a goal that says I will save more this year is not a goal. Instead, try this: I will save an extra $10,000 in my offset account by December 2017.
  2. They must be measurable – Goals that are not measureable are a futile exercise.
  3. Transparency – When measuring performance of your goal, the system or method doing this must be effective otherwise you are kidding yourself and wasting precious time.
  4. Accountability – Your goal is your responsibility, equally appointing someone to hold you to account and work with you is the most important step. Momentum, consistency and forming habits are the indicators of goal success.

Within our business this year we set a number of goals, which I am delighted to say we achieved. Twelve months ago, we set out in January 2016 to grow our financial planning network by eight practitioners, establish a stronger presence in the SMSF advice space by on boarding 100 SMSF clients and we are soon to release our very own Superannuation product, ID Super (please click here if you are interested to learn more). All very ambitious goals and I am proud to say that our team have done a great job in helping our many business partners and clients achieve theirs.

A fantastic tool I have used to blueprint my purpose over a longer period can be seen below. Every goal destination must be driven by a great sense of Purpose. If you don’t feel like you have this defined, may I recommend you find it over the holiday period.


Our purpose here at Investors Direct is to assist our clients reach their financial goals, to be there for them along the way and to always act in their best interests. This Purpose is our Passion, our Mission, our Profession and our Vocation.

May I ask what is your Purpose going to be in 2017?

Once you have decided on your Purpose or need clarity in defining it in 2017, click here.

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