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We run a broad range of workshops and events.

You may know about our foundation course – the Language of Money – which is highly recommended for anyone getting into investment for the first time. It will set the foundations for the rest of your life, when you can speak the language of money.

Then we also run various proactive investors workshops and events that are specifically designed for the individual depending on where they are at in their journey of property investment.

If you are just about to buy your first property you’ll have different needs and information requirements than someone with a portfolio of five properties.

In this way, we can tailor investor news and information for you so that you get more out of the time and money you spend in attending.

Some of our investor workshops are paid events, but many are of course complimentary for our clients.

Keep yourself up to date with all our events by clicking here Our Events or if you’re wanting to build your knowledge, find out more on our Education page.


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