A big goal achievement program…

It’s a truism in life that small steps will take you a long way towards any goal, with far less pain than big steps. I’m sure we’ve all seen someone try to take a big leap and seen the fall that follows, causing a lot of pain.

The reality is that careful planning of any major move that we make will always bring about better outcomes than impulsive action. This month I want to share a little process with you that really helps me with executing goals. I’m sure it will help you too.

First, let’s start with a couple of questions:

Do you have a big goal? – If not why not? (See if you can think of one)

There is nothing wrong with having really big goals. It is the execution of trying to achieve them that is where all the problems lie. You see, each year, as advisers we will talk to many people with very big aspirations. Some say ‘I want to have a $1 million dollar income a year without having to work for it’ or ‘I want a property portfolio without debt that produces $100,000 per annum’.

All too often the people with these big ideas and great goals, have not thought through what exactly needs to happen right NOW in order to achieve them. In fact, when we get down to basics, life is just a culmination of every moment we ever experience and everything we ever do. If we put all of those moments together and measure what we have achieved in them, it is easy to see where our failings lie– let’s not see this moment as one of them… ☺.

Another question for you:

What have you done in the past 3 days to help you achieve your big goal? – if nothing, then start.

The interesting thing to recognise here is that the bigger a goal one has, the more planning is needed to ensure that it starts off as achievable, maintains its progression and momentum and then is finally actually achieved.


One exercise I do for myself to ensure that my goals remain achievable is to follow the following formula:

  • Write down what my goal is – be it financial or not. What do I want to achieve in any specific area of life, with all the details written down on paper.
  • Ensure that it is executable – I ask myself if my goal is really real to me, and if so, I then have the confidence that I can get on with it.
  • List out what is required to make the goal happen – what tools are needed? How much resources (money if any), who can help (if help is needed enlist it) and by when it should be done if it is a focus. I also consider what will be sacrificed if this is done (keeping a ‘to do list’ in good order ensures that I don’t end up overwhelmed).
  • Put in milestones to ensure that the goal is on track to happen – measure the task against a timeframe for the task to confirm it is moving along as planned.
  • Be sure I know and check in with whoever is accountable if any part of the task has been delegated out to ensure it happens – very often this is yourself and checking yourself against the schedule from step 4 above.
  • Persist until it’s a done – any goal worth achieving will require some persistence. Staying the path when it feels like I should just stop, when that moment comes, I always know that it means I am one step closer to the goal.

The above exercise brings a goal out of the clouds and into reality. It makes it more real and brings it  into the NOW so I can get on with it.

Let’s hope NOW this can help you achieve your goals. The time to start? Right NOW!

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Until next month happy investing.


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