RBA Decision November 2017

  • November 08, 2017
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  • By John

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  • RBA Decision November 2017

    November 08, 2017
    by John0

    No change to Rate again!! NO CHANGE 0% NO CHANGE 0% NO CHANGE 0% NO CHANGE 0% The RBA has left the cash rate on hold for the 15th consecutive month. With growth forecasts for the economy relatively unchanged, the RBA chose to continue the trend of ‘no change’ decisions. The 2 year government bond rate sits higher than the […]

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  • survey-nov-L

    Help us to help you

    October 31, 2017
    by John0

    In case you hadn’t noticed, this year has been marked by numerous changes.  On the one hand, we have seen property prices climb in both Sydney and Melbourne sparking more concern that there is a property bubble while at the other extreme the ability to raise funds through mortgages has been severely restricted. Access to credit has been tightening as […]

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  • idpa-nov-L

    DIY – undervalued or overrated?

    October 31, 2017
    by John0

    Last month we introduced the concept of Duplex properties as a means for investors to improve their income position for finance. Following along with our DIY theme for this month, let’s explore the subject a little further using this new aspect. Let’s start by saying that it’s perfectly understandable that investors want to get the best results they can, in […]

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  • idfp-nov-L

    Being in control vs DIY

    October 31, 2017
    by John0

    Some people think that DIY gives you control. After all, when you are doing something aren’t you therefore in control of it? For example, let’s say that right now you are investing where you want, buying the asset classes you want and taking any appropriate measures to keep on track towards your preferred result. Most people would accept that this […]

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  • idms-nov-L

    Interest rates – are they the key to investing success?

    October 31, 2017

    Some people think finance is just an interest rate. On the surface, it’s hard to fault that logic because you have to pay the money back PLUS interest so the interest rate component should be a focus. When you have that view, nothing else matters. In fact this may well be the majority view for most Australians. For an investor […]

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  • investment beginners

    Our Guide to Investing in Property for Beginners

    October 19, 2017
    by John0

    When you first start out there are so many opinions about how to do it, where to start and what’s the most important that it can be very confusing for a beginner. Everybody seems to have tips for property investors, whether they are investors or not! Things like taxation benefits, cash flow positive properties or capital growth properties. Follow along […]

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  • Top 5 Tips on saving for your deposit

    Top 5 Tips on Saving for Your Deposit

    October 16, 2017
    by John0

    What have puppies and money got in common? Join us as we take an irreverent look into the serious subject of savings and property investment. How much savings do you need for Mortgage deposits? Most people think that knowing how much is the place to start BUT they would be wrong.  The place to begin is to work out how […]

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  • RBA Decision October 2017

    October 03, 2017
    by John0

    No change to Rate NO CHANGE 0% NO CHANGE 0% NO CHANGE 0% NO CHANGE 0% As each month goes by and the Reserve Bank makes no change to the official cash rate, we get closer and closer to the next movement upwards. The vast majority of experts believe this to be inevitable and our view is very similar. Besides, […]

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