The Budget – Horror Story or Fairy Tale?

I’ve been surprised over the past few weeks with article after article, and commentary after commentary, about how much worse off financially everyone is going to be after the speculated changes in the upcoming Federal Budget. Every time I go down for a cup of coffee I hear people fretting about what might affect them. It’s interesting for me, as all this hysteria is the exact reason why Investors Direct exists.

At Investors Direct we believe that with the right education anyone can be empowered to control money and not have money control them. They can then avoid the hysteria created by the media and reinforced by the “unknown” aspects of life. We also believe that every one of you reading deserves to know the rules of the “Game of Money” so you aren’t fouled out of the game. But most of all we believe that every single person can be in a better financial position and it only relies on “the right” education.

At Investors Direct we know that we have a responsibility to assist every person we meet if we want a society where people can prosper and where we don’t have conflict generated from money issues. The reason we know we have this responsibility is because we are blessed with the lessons from the tens of thousands of investors we have worked with over the 13 years of the business. The universe does not provide that enormous quantity of real world learnings without the responsibility to codify it and to share the solutions openly.

We have active and direct experience in nearly every property strategy available. Wraps, lease options. Renovation, Buy and Hold, Flips, Construction, Land subdivision, Multi unit development and lots of others. Our experience in working through all of these opportunities in the past is something we can share with you to assist you to understand how to optimise your outcomes, how to structure your finances to be attractive to the banks, how to use structures to protect your assets from attack, how best to maximise your support from the taxman.

So whether you are reading this to discover strategies to clear your mortgage debts forever or whether you want to replace your daily income with a passive rental income, or even if you are simply just trying to get a better return on your money to create a better life for your family, we at Investors Direct are here and available to you, with all this knowledge, to help you achieve your goal. Because in doing so we will be able to achieve ours which is to bring some balance back to the world by putting people back in control of their own destiny.

No matter what your question is, we have seen the answer for you with our group experience so please make an appointment to see us, we’ll be happy to share that knowledge.

Have a truly fabulous month ahead, whatever the Budget brings, and make it a non-horror story for you, with our help.


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