Clarifying Responsibility to increase efficiency

Over the past month I have come across many examples of the need to clarify responsibility.

I find in life, that often the speed of things getting completed is decided by how clear the responsibility line is for getting these things done. So to shift into gear on any task and get that task moving faster, it is key to put in clear decision-making powers and clear up exactly what they mean.

This not only ensures that our staff, our spouse; our children and even ourselves, can feel a sense of confidence that a decision can be made, it also means things can be done a lot faster. 

Have you ever worked somewhere where it seems like you don’t have the decision making power you need to ensure that the job you are expected to do, is actually done well? – eg. Who answers the reception phone and what do they say to callers? Can anyone actually get through to anyone when they call in? 

Have you got clear responsibilities at home? – eg.  Who takes out the rubbish, does the laundry, feeds the fish or pays the bills? 

Have you ever received really unclear instructions? – eg. Nothing stops production in its tracks like poorly given instructions. 

Do your children know ways they can help out at home? – eg. Taking care of themselves and their own mess, doing some housework, gardening etc. 

Sometimes we get ourselves overwhelmed with too many incomplete tasks which then take over our ability to get on with doing things easily. This results in slow production.

The remedy to this lies in clarifying responsibilities in your environment. Ensure you have the power to get done what you need to get done. Speak with those who either have not given you the decision making power you need or ensure they provide clear instructions to tidy up the scene and get production moving. 

The formula for responsibility in a group goes like this: Responsibility divided by 2 = No Responsibility. 

So when two people think something is their job, it means things just don’t get done or they are done poorly.

For example, if two people think it is their job to feed the fish, then the fish gets fed twice a day, which may lead to them overeating and dying. But conversely if both people think the other person has fed them it can mean that no one feeds them and the fish die of starvation.

The responsibility of something as simple as feeding the fish being held by two people means that each time the fish are fed each party may need to ask the other if they did it.

Time is wasted on such a small activity. You can imagine how complex life gets if you extrapolate this up to the myriad of tasks we all have in our lives.

Clearing up responsibility stops the confusion.

So who really, in your life, is responsible for your financial future? Who is taking on that responsibility? Are both of you? Are neither of you?

If not, you might need someone you can appoint to that role. The effect of clarifying who is responsible cannot be underestimated. You’ll have a much brighter future and you will have much healthier fish.

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