Growing your Wealth through Property in an SMSF

Please have a quick look at this chart. If your current combined Super balance exceeds $150K and your spouse and your combined incomes exceed $50,000 pa, there is a new opportunity for you to grow your wealth by investing in property through a Self-Managed Super Fund (SMSF).

(If however you don’t fit into the chart right now, please keep reading, because it might motivate you to change your circumstances so you can take advantage of this opportunity!)

Combined PAYG Income Super Balance
 $100,000  $150,000  $200,000  $ 250,000
 $50,000 pa No Yes Yes Yes
 $100,000 pa No Yes Yes Yes
 $150,000 pa No Yes Yes Yes
 $200,000 pa No Yes Yes Yes

Right now, with the current softness in some parts of the property market, there are definitely bargains around. If you’ve been sitting on the idea of investing in property via a DIY Super Fund for a while but haven’t taken action, now could be the time to move. Particularly when you realise the property could be Capital Gains Tax Free at the end…

There is a reason why so many Australians are switching to DIY Super. (Over 450,000 Australians have set up their own Self-Managed Super Funds, representing 1/3rd of all Superannuation dollars in Australia. Ten years ago, this figure was just 10%.)

I won’t go into why so many Australians are getting tired of fees, negative returns and the overall volatility and uncertainty of paper assets (which has grown even worse in recent times), but it’s easy to see why so many of us feel we can do a better job ourselves. But I will say the opportunity to buy investment properties at a discount, won’t be around forever.

There are several advantages to purchasing an investment property through your SMSF.

For a start if you were to directly compare the same investment property held outside an SMSF with one held inside an SMSF over a 20 year timeframe, the difference can be up to several hundred thousand dollars when held inside an SMSF.

This includes the fact that depending on how you structure everything, your property could be Capital Gains Tax Free at the end.

Now there are some restrictions on which type of properties you can buy within an SMSF and there are some traps for the unwary if you don’t structure it all properly but all of this can be explained simply and clearly by one of our experts in SMFS.

  • Having a consultation with us will enable you to see
  • How you can learn to qualify yourself for an investment loan within a DIY Super fund in just 5 minutes
  • What are considered to be good investment properties within a DIY Super fund from the lender’s perspective
  • How to obtain finance for a property within a DIY Super fund
  • How to obtain a 30 year mortgage with 10 year interest only option.
  • Fundamentals of setting up and running a DIY Super Fund
  • How to Avoid Potential Double Stamp Duty

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