Money always finds a place to go. Will you benefit?

Hope the beginning of your year has been as fabulously positive as ours.

This month I wanted to touch on something I learnt from one of the Grand Masters of Feng Shui in China. He lectures on the subject at Beijing University and as with all Masters of their subject had the most simple way to convey its essence. I want to touch on this as when we look at the Feng Shui of the world, at the moment Australia in in a great position.

Now, I could hardly even call myself a beginner on the subject so if I trample over some of the finer points for you experts out there then I am sorry but I’ve always been taught to take the parts of any subject that you can actually use in life.

When the Grand Master was assessing my home for energy, he explained in a simple way that to understand Feng Shui you need to recognise that design can control energy flows. If you think of energy flowing in the same way as water moves you can understand the concept. He said if you created a model of the house and lifted the front up while leaving the back on the ground you create a slope though the entire property. Now to see how well the energy flows and is retained in the house you just have to pour water into the model from the front door. As the water “good energy” flows down the slope you can see when it hits a wall or solid object it is deflected around the wall and dispersed within the building. The more the water is spread within the house the more good energy is shared by those that live there. Where there are rooms that don’t get any water then you may need to find a way to divert water in there so it can share in the good energy.

Eventually the water is all going to leak out the bottom of the model just as money flows in and out of our lives. What the Grand Master said is that the true art of great Feng Shui design is to get the energy to flow into areas where it will pool and fill up before it leaks out. Picture a pot where you pour water in. It has to fill up to the top first before it spills over and keeps flowing. As you continue to pour more in, the amount you get to keep stays the same but the actual water is renewing all the time.

Unfortunately most houses either don’t have any where for the water to pool or so many barriers that the water can’t get out so it stagnates and stops the energy flowing in.

So how do I see this affecting Australia?

Globally, money is another form of energy flow and currently we are doing a very good job at directing that flow towards Australia. (Have you noticed how high the Aussie dollar has been recently?) But we are also creating ways to keep the money here. As an example you could look at the introduction of the SIV (Significant Investor Visa) visa program. This has opened the door to individuals with a minimum of $5million dollars to invest. The money has to be invested in complying investments (not direct property) and must stay in the country initially for a minimum of 4 years but can be extended for up to another 4 years. As this energy flows within our economy the benefits of the investment will be shared around.

On top of this we have recently seen countries, like Canada just last week, shut the door to these types of flows. Canada had close to 50,000 applicants waiting in line for their visa program which will now be flowing around the world looking for another home to plant their money. Australia is positioned to end up with a pretty significant portion. As Australia gets wealthier then we have all seen that property prices then go up. If not today, then tomorrow so to speak. It is time to spend your spare capacity buying property so as our pot fills up your properties will float up to the top as the tide rises ☺

Happy investing


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