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Property Portfolio Review

The ultimate goal of anyone buying an investment property is to maximise the return on the properties they invest in.

This is no different to investment in any other asset or business.

We’ve spoken to thousands of property investors over the years, and we specialise in helping people just like you learn how to invest in property – whether they are about to invest, have one property or many properties.

The aim of a property portfolio review is to assess your existing situation and to offer property investment advice for maximizing the return from your portfolio now and in the future.

This review will take into account:

  • Your personal financial situation and goals in the context of the portfolio you have now
  • Existing properties, their value and forecasts for short and long term growth in line with the goals above
  • Where and when the next property should be acquired according to your specific financial goals and situation
  • What properties if any should be sold and when

Even though property is often considered a long term investment, it is the combined performance of all properties over that time that counts and sometimes selling an underperforming asset and replacing it with a higher quality property may be the best strategy, rather than hoping and waiting on a poorly performing investment to ‘recover’.

As always, our property investment advice is personalised to you. Whilst there are common principles governing how to invest in property, the strategic decisions on those principles has to match what you are trying to achieve by buying an investment property and by when.

Property Sales

Once we complete a property portfolio review we may have identified a property that needs to be sold. Or you may independently have decided to sell on of your investments.

Either way, the team at Investors Direct is more than capable of giving you personalised property investment advice and helping you handle the sale.

We have our own real estate license; and in addition, we’ve assisted with hundreds of property sales.

Therefore, depending on your personal situation we can help you:

  • Dispose of the property
  • Select the right agent to sell your property
  • Negotiate the best deal with the local selling agent to optimise the price of your property

Once again, optimising the overall portfolio of properties is important, and therefore we’ll be well placed to time the sale of that property in line with your overall investment goals.

Whatever your needs regarding how to invest in property or buying an investment property, turn to Investors Direct – we specialise in helping property investors just like you.

Property Purchase

In line with your personal investment and financial goals, and any review of your portfolio that we’ve completed, the team at Investors Direct can help you with regard to buying an investment property for your portfolio.

In the same manner that we identify underperforming assets, we can also give you property investment advice on multiple locations and property types to find something that fits with your goals.

There are some key elements that will help you succeed buying an investment property:

  • finding suitable properties
  • assessing them against your individual circumstances and investment goals
  • independently reviewing them against your investment strategy

If not already done reviewing your existing portfolio, and in conjunction with acquisition, disposing of any underperforming property.

Investors Direct are so passionate about property investors, it’s all we think about. We’ve designed many of our products and services around one specific goal: to teach people how to invest in property.


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