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The intuition of children never fails to amaze me. This holiday I was gifted a lesson by my daughter in the right way to get things done. In addition, I thankfully saw the first signs of my eldest daughter realising how to get ahead in life, which I felt very worthwhile sharing with you.

Over the holiday period, we took to the road and drove to a NSW coastal town that is well known as a very popular fishing spot. While there we went on four fishing outings. In preparation for fishing I’d done my typical review – which was to go straight to the local store and ask what bait to use! ☺. I purchased three rods on their advice to fish the estuary and one rod to fish off the beach, with some rubber baits, which I was told would work well….

Out I went on the first attempt at fishing in the early evening with my eldest daughter, who was keenly watching as I cast her line, wound the spinner in…. over and over again. After several hours of nothing, it started to darken and my daughter gave up and went to bed. Just after she left, there was a tug on my line. Attached to the line was a sizeable Taylor and about 5 minutes later another.

I took the fish back for us to cook and the next day we planned a trip where my daughter could better her experience, hiring a boat and going to one of the well-known fishing spots according to locals. This part is where I saw something great.

We went out with a neighbour, who I might add was an accomplished hunter and fisherman. My daughter and I took our rods, walking off into the estuary leaving our neighbour on his boat. We went and spent over an hour fishing, using the same baits as the night before. My daughter started becoming understandably frustrated. It was then that she noticed that our neighbour had been fishing very successfully, he’d pulled in 12 fish in the prior hour. Smartly she went and asked if she could jump on his boat to try his methods, while I tried in vain to catch fish. From there my daughter caught 7 fish in an hour, off the boat of our neighbour using his rigging technique and bait. My daughter had found the key to success in life.

Her valuable lesson for me right there and then was this:

‘First you need to drop any considerations you have of what you think works. Then you simply ask yourself what results you want to be getting, seek out those who are getting the results you want and mimic them to be a success!’

It reminded me of many times in my life I have applied this lesson instinctively:

  • Learning to shoot hoops – thanks to Damian Robertson for showing me how it was done;
  • Maintaining happy and healthy relationships – my mother and father, my in-laws and grandparents;
  • Learning on the job from some of the best people – it’s a privilege to have great partners in Bill Zheng, Vivien Lin, Ross Martiensen and Jan Malmstrom;

So thanks for the reminder little Miss Carmody!

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Until next month happy investing.


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