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The first ever superannuation fund designed with property investors in mind. Investors Direct has developed a market leading super product in collaboration with some of our partners and it is now available to our clients.

ID Super – the superfund for property investors.

What is ID Super?

ID Super is unique in that is has been designed to allow property investors – for the first time ever – the ability to bring all investments including property, shares and managed funds all into the one portal.

This allows the investor to ensure the balance of their investments is matched to their financial plans and goals.

And it allows them to assess the performance of their portfolio 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

As an investor adds to their portfolio, the platform will continually assess the performance of existing assets along with forecasting the expected performance of new assets into the future. Not just based on exceptionally detailed data, but also in-line with the existing portfolio.

For example – if the investor already has 2 or 3 properties, they can run models on any potential new purchase – based on several years of past postcode performance data – to see how the new property will influence the overall performance of their portfolio.

Why is it designed for property investors?

In virtually every other product on the market, the analytical tools are very sophisticated for shares, managed funds and the like, but none of the tools also allow the import and management of a property in the same tool.

Many property investors don’t just invest in property – they will also have some of their portfolio in managed funds or shares or other assets.

Now, all investments can be managed together on the same page.

Further, the ID Super portal incorporates financial investment tools from Praemium and Morningstar Direct along with property performance data from Residex – which have never before been combined in the one tool – making it suitable and specialised for property investors.

What is the investment benefit?

In order to illustrate some of the potential benefits to investors, let’s introduce a concept called efficient frontier, which you may have heard about.

Efficient Frontier could be defined simply as the balance of investments that achieves an optimal return for the investor– maximising return, but also minimizing risk related to the investors plans, goals and risk profile.

ID Super incorporates tools from Morningstar Direct* that build this profile on the basis of an enormous amount of data on risk and return of various asset classes including 20 years of postcode based property data from Residex*.  

Are there any other benefits?

As any property investor knows, a good return is not just a function of the growth of the asset. It is also about the costs of buying and selling that asset and any tax obligations as well as the management costs over time.

With ID Super, we’ve taken this into account and the fund and platform offers the following:

  • Control and transparency – you own all investments because the platform uses an SMA – A separately managed account – meaning all shares, funds etc are in your name or that of your super fund.
  • Individual Tax Packaging – you’re in control of tax for your platform
  • Goal Matching – the platform is flexible and allows very finely tuned matching of investments, and their management to your own individual financial goals and risk profile
  • Real Time – At any time of the day or night, you can see a real time report on your portfolio.
  • Asset Class Breadth – we know that property investors don’t just invest in property which is why with the Praemium SMA you can access and invest in a wide range of asset classes including shares, cash, property, international, fixed income and so forth. (for a full list see the PDS)
  • Lower trading costs – for many of the asset classes, trades are done for all investors and as wholesale costs, saving you on trading fees
  • Less Paperwork – because all your investments are in one place, and as we have real time monitoring, you can export accountant-ready reports for tax returns at any time.  

How do I get ID Super?

All investment must stem from a financial plan. You need to be certain that this product is right for you, and you will need to examine the PDS.

Once your financial plan is complete, or if you already have one in place from Investors Direct – the ID Super product will be explained in more detail and we will determine together if the product is right for you.

Once you’ve decided it is appropriate we can proceed with set up.

You are under no obligation to use the product, and as always we will proceed only if it is suitable and matches your financial plan and goals.

More Information

You can request a PDS from your financial adviser.

Alternatively attend one of our information evenings where more details will be presented to you.

Call Investors Direct on 1300 663 836 or email invest@investorsdirect.com.au.

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