Why Have an Advisor?

Some time back, I was watching a video of a lecture by Simon Sinek on Ted.com. He was speaking about the process behind people taking up new ideas and how great leaders inspire action. I’ve thought about that lecture a lot since then.  He discussed the “How”, the “What”, and the “Why” of inspiration.  It turns out that the “How” and the “What” of anything rarely inspire people to action. The “Why”, however, can draw people to your cause simply because they believe in the same things you do.

In the Insurance industry, the products that are available are rarely unique in the market. There are some products that have some advantages, but by and large, they are very similar. There are lots of definitions of what they will and won’t cover and reasons for this and that, and there are long Product Disclosure Statements that tell you how they do something or other and what exactly is covered.  But, when was the last time you read a PDS and said “I think I’ll get some of that!” I don’t think it’s ever happened to me. Clearly the “What” and “How” of insurance aren’t very inspiring.

Advisors often love to tell you WHAT to do and HOW to do it. Rarely will they tell you WHY.  Have you ever wondered, what is it that the advisor believes in? Does he believe in your goals? Surprisingly, most people don’t even bother to find out.

What it all boils down to is the “Why”. 

At Investors Direct, we believe that you can do better financially. We also believe that you can do better financially with a team which supports you. 

This is the reason why I got into the financial services industry in the first place. I want to help people to achieve their financial goals. I believe that people can have financial freedom. I believe it’s easier to get to your goals with the right team behind you.

There are many routes to financial freedom. Some are better than others. There are many products you can use along the way.  Insurance is just a part of the process. It’s not the only part, and by itself, will not solve all of your problems. Some people don’t even need it, while others are desperately short of the levels they need.

Some people tend to look down upon Insurance and get irritated when they get asked (yet again) whether they have insurance as part of their planning. Take it from an advisor who cares, we’re not asking you because we’re trying to get you to buy something you don’t need. Most advisors have your interests at heart, and are in this job because they want to help. I know we do at our office.

So what’s my advice to you? Find an Advisor who believes in the same principles you do. Find someone who believes in you. I’ve just outlined above what we believe in here at Investors Direct and what I personally believe in. Isn’t it time to find out what your advisor believes?


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