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Investing your way to financial freedom, means never getting stuck with just a single property. Learn how to think beyond.

Don’t get stuck in Phase 1?

Since 2001, we have learned a great deal by helping over 6000 of our clients move through the 3 phases of successful property investing. Here’s how to get through the 3 phases without getting stuck:

  1. Phase 1: Learning what NOT to do.

    The earliest phase of property investing is characterised as “learning about investing by trying different strategies and listening to every point of view in the marketplace”. This phase can take from 5-10 years and result in little improvement in the investor’s overall financial position, especially with regard to cashflow. Many investors never move out of this phase.

  2. Phase 2: Sticking to a winning formula.

    If the investor has critically examined what did work for them and what didn’t, they move into Phase 2. By this phase, they should have gathered enough wisdom to stick to what works for them and stop listening to everyone else’s opinion on what to do. Here is where the investor stands to start making reasonable money, with minimum losses.

  3. Phase 3: Moving towards a financial objective with a deadline.

    The final phase is where the best property investors realise not only their winning formula, but also how to use their resources more strategically. Phase 3 Investors tend to have their own internal scorecards and timetables which they use to guide themselves towards their financial objectives. Because they are more in control of their financial destiny than the previous 2 groups, they tend not to listen to the “noise” of the markets and commentators.

In our experience, more than 90% of property investors are stuck in Phase 1. And most will remain there, until they become aware enough to critically examine what they have done so they can objectively review their own past experiences. Phase 2 investors make up almost the remaining 10% and are at least winning in the property investing game. But it is only by moving into Phase 3, and joining the less than 1% of remaining investors, that you can really conquer the market and start achieving your goals, in both good times and bad.

Our goal at Investors Direct is to help you move from Phase 1 or 2, into Phase 3 and get you on the road to Financial Freedom with certainty.

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