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  • Investors Direct Financial Group (IDFG) has evolved into a proudly non-aligned Financial Advisory and Property Investment firm with global reach.
  • At IDFG, we have built a one stop shop for investors, offering trusted advice and client-focused investment solutions including Investor Education, Property Advisory, Financial Planning Mortgage Solutions and Property Management.
  • We have further added Property Development, Construction and Funds Management capabilities, thus becoming an integrated investment and advisory firm with world-class financial strength.
  • At Investors Direct we have decided to break free from the old fashioned way the industry works, and instead offer you education, knowledge and confidence to help you make an informed decision and invest wiser.
  • Locally, our one-stop shop provides access to a network of financial educators that help you create a plan to invest wiser to achieve your life goals.
  • We do more than that, the one thing that very few advisers understand is; you want a plan that is good for you! And you want to be more effective in managing your money.
  • Investors Direct – information about money that’s good for YOU.

Our Testimonials

At Investor’s Direct we work with our clients who realiy want to achieve financial freedom. Our Goal is to move each and every single one of our members from their current financial position to be a better one year after year. We have been able to exceed our members expectations from a ROI point of view and also an exceptional customer service. Why don’t you hear it from them yourself? Click on the videos below!

Money Management With Deposit Goal

Long Term Education & Property

Experienced Property Investor

SMSF & Ongoing Advice Client

smsf Property investing

the essentials

Your step-by-step guide to setting up and purchasing property with a Self Managed Super Fund (SMSF)

Are you one of the thousand of Australians who are looking to take control of their future and purchase a property with Super (SMSF)?

Acquiring property through your SMSF is a decision that requires careful consideration and you have to ensure it supports your overall investment strategy and avoids unnecessary risk.

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Essentials Guide to Purchasing Property

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Investors Direct Financial Group

Investors Direct Financial Group (IDFG) was established in 2001.
Our mission is to help our clients achieve and maintain their financial freedom.